Just to be clear, I don’t have children that attend this school but I have done a lot of volunteer work there. This review is just my observation.

Milton Hall is much like any other primary school in Southend, Essex with one huge exception. An extremely high percentage of children that attend this school do not speak English as a first language, they come from families that have arrived in England to make better lives for themselves.

This has made Milton Hall Primary beautifully diverse. Children are naturally more accepting and tolerant of each other. British children are exposed to an education that you can not find in many schools outside of larger cities.

From food, music and languages. Interracial friendships and vibrant diversity. It can all be found at Milton Hall. I have been really impressed with how quickly children new to this country have flourished. They have learned English quickly and have even gone on to pass their 11+

English children learn to work and play with all types of people which will be invaluable in the workplace when they are older.

I have also been impressed with their music and drama departments. Each year the school showcases their pupils skills with a toe tapping musical that gets everyone up on their feet! If your child has particular interests in this field then Milton Hall is a decent alternative to an expensive stage school.

If I lived in this catchment I would be more than happy to allow my children to attend Milton Hall School.

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